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Why Solar Pool Heating Is Suitable For Any Household

28 September 2016
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One of the amenities homeowners would be eager to have in their backyard is a swimming pool. Not only is it great for entertaining guests and spending quality family time, it is also a convenient way to get some exercise on your own time. Nevertheless, one thing that you would have to contend with when you own a swimming pool is the temperature significantly dropping during the colder months. You could choose to either neglect using your pool until the warmer months roll around, or you could extend your pool time by investing in a heater.
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Chemical Treatment for the Water in Your Cooling Tower: 3 Ways It Maximises Efficiency

15 August 2016
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Your cooling tower relies on water running through the system to carry out air conditioning effectively in a large commercial building. There are open recirculating, once-through, and closed recirculating water systems for cooling towers. A closed recirculating system is a better alternative compared to the others. In this system, most of the water is reused (avoiding wastage) and it is less exposed to contaminants. Regardless of the system that you opt for, you should treat the water chemically to optimise the efficiency of the cooling tower.
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