Solar Water Heater: Three Indispensable Tips for Promoting Great Performance

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Solar Water Heater: Three Indispensable Tips for Promoting Great Performance

Solar Water Heater: Three Indispensable Tips for Promoting Great Performance

28 October 2021
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Installing a solar water heater will reduce your long-term electrical expenses. In general, the demand for power for water heating, especially in large households, is high. Solar heating takes advantage of renewable energy from the sun. This appliance can supply the full amount of hot water needed during clear-sky seasons. You can also use it for supplementary heating during winter and cloudy days. However, you should note that the heating performance of your solar setup will depend on your choices. Here are simple tips to help you choose, install and maintain your new solar water heating system.

Choose the Right Size

When planning for the purchase of a new solar water heater, you should understand the system size needs for your home. Poor sizing can lead to significant inefficiencies and subsequent loss of benefits. Make the right decision by evaluating the hot water usage habits in your home. Calculate the daily water demand and determine the best type of hot water tank. Then, choose the right size and number of solar panels to help you achieve optimal heating of the required water volume. However, keep in mind that other factors will play a role in sizing. For instance, if your local area has typical hot weather, you can achieve optimal heating more easily. For the best outcome, consult your solar supplier for guidance.

Consider Positioning

The collectors for your solar water heater should be positioned in a manner that maximises sun exposure. Therefore, evaluate your property and find the best spot. Usually, these hot water systems are installed on roofs for maximum exposure. However, you can consult your solar systems expert on alternatives if the roof is not a feasible choice for you. Regardless of the installation spot, ensure the solar heater is not shaded. Also, consider the orientation and choose a northwards direction for a longer exposure and higher efficiency.

Inspect and Install

Proper installation of the solar water heater will guarantee increased efficiency and prevent accidents. Therefore, when setting up the system on your chosen spot, inspect before placing. This consideration is particularly important if you are installing the unit on the roof. Make sure that your roof is stable enough to handle the weight of your water storage tank. If there are weaknesses, plan for roof reinforcement before proceeding. Also, keep in mind that solar water heaters can be a little complex in design. Therefore, choose a professional for the installation work to avoid mishaps and future inefficiencies and failures. 

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